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California dreamin’

Assessing early 5G performance data. Sacramento is deploying 5G – but how is it matching expectations?

Predicting Wireless Infrastructure Deployments


Predicting the Unpredictable

Can we foresee tomorrow’s mobile infrastructures by studying population density and cell deployment?


Case Studies

A Tier 1 CSP Stays Ahead of the Competition with Aurora Insight

Learn how this communications service provider gained the competitive intelligence needed to retain current customers despite a competitor's new 5G offering.



Small cell vs. macro cell

What is the difference?


Brochures & Sheets

Wireless Infrastructure Information Sheet

Discover insights to better manage your wireless infrastructure.

5G Report Aurora Insight

Reports & Guides

5G Report: Deployments today for technologies of tomorrow

Compare different operator 5G deployment strategies and understand how this new technology will benefit consumers and enterprises.


Brochures & Sheets

Network Operators Information Sheet

Optimize your network for better performance and higher reliability.

Space & Satellite Info Sheet

Brochures & Sheets

Space & Satellite Information Sheet

Optimize your satellite service with global detailed data and insights on the radio frequency spectrum.

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