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Tracking TV White Space


The twilight zones between channels

Tracking and understanding TV white space



California dreamin’

Assessing early 5G performance data. Sacramento is deploying 5G – but how is it matching expectations?

Predicting Wireless Infrastructure Deployments


Predicting the Unpredictable

Can we foresee tomorrow’s mobile infrastructures by studying population density and cell deployment?

Proof of Spectrum Sharing during COVID-19


Sharing spectrum licenses to boost network capacity

We measured spectrum usage in two markets and were able to verify that T-Mobile and AT&T are using spectrum licenses on loan from others to improve their wireless services.

5G mmWave Deployment Strategies


Taking a closer look at 5G mmWave deployment strategies

Cost, spectrum assets and overall 5G strategy are three factors that contribute to how operators are building their 5G networks.

Viaero Wireless Rural CBRS Transmitters


Viaero Wireless is using CBRS spectrum to deliver rural connectivity

Learn what makes this mid-band spectrum different and how Viaero is using it to connect the rural west.


Reports & Guides

SpectrumSight Weekly Report

SpectrumSight shows utilization of wireless spectrum from fixed sensors across multiple U.S. markets.

5G Report Aurora Insight

Reports & Guides

5G Report: Deployments today for technologies of tomorrow

Compare different operator 5G deployment strategies and understand how this new technology will benefit consumers and enterprises.



The Limitations of Traditional Drive Testing

Learn about the limitations of traditional drive testing and why new methods offer better and more cost effective measurement.

Space & Satellite Info Sheet

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Space & Satellite Information Sheet

Optimize your satellite service with global detailed data and insights on the radio frequency spectrum.

Unlock your wireless communications potential