Find out where networks are being deployed

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Ideal Solution for:

  • Network Operators
  • Tower and Infrastructure Industry
  • Telecom Analysts 
  •  Wireless Investors

Understand where networks are being deployed and the spectrum in use

WirelessEssentials™ data reveals which operators are deploying transmitters, the technology standards being deployed (4G or 5G), and the spectrum bands they are utilizing. No more guesswork for analyzing markets — WirelessEssentials equips your team with unprecedented data on transmitters in any market, so you can develop accurate network topology maps and understand how operators are actually using their spectrum bands.

WirelessEsssentials™ unlocks the following information: 

  • Identifies transmitter deployment locations of 4G or 5G technology
  • Counts the number of network operators deployed at a targeted site
  • Identifies spectrum and bandwidth usage
  • Available for nationwide and regional carriers

WirelessEssentials™ Key Benefits

benchmark your competition with accuracy

Monitor the market with timely data on your competitors’ transmitters, their technology deployments and more.

Expand into markets with Confidence

Power your growth strategy with market-specific data on current network deployments.

Back your decisions with data

Equip your team with valuable data to rollout new networks with confidence. 

Infrastructure data has never been more impactful

If your organization is lacking a deep understanding of network deployments, you could be missing out on lucrative growth opportunities and unknowingly subjecting your business to risk. The applications below highlight just a sample of use cases for WirelessEssentials data. If you want to learn more about how this data can help you reach your business goals,  contact us today

For Network Operators

Analyze the market and drive negotiations

No more guesswork or biased data sets — find out exactly what networks are deployed in your market and negotiate your leases with clarity.

For Tower Companies

Form multi-tenant towers faster

With a deeper understanding of the mobile networks that lease both your towers and the surrounding sites, your organization will be well-positioned to expand its reach with new tenants. 

For Wireless Investors

Invest with confidence 

Learn exactly where 5G is being deployed, where networks are expanding and which spectrum bands are in use.


Explore the power of WirelessEssentials™ data

See what your team can do with WirelessEssentials data sets. Request a free demo to explore transmitter deployments and the networks being deployed across markets. 

Get detailed insights on any transmitter


Leading with data has never been easier

As the new standard for network topology mapping, we’ve made it easier than ever for your team to understand and apply WirelessEssentials data for real results. 

  • Our easy, straight-forward data sets are designed to be understood by all levels of your organization and applied quickly
  • With numerous use cases, you can apply this data to decisions across your organization — from 5G upgrades, to expansions in new markets
  • The most accurate, advanced transmitter data available — back your decisions with this impartial, actionable data 

This data on technology deployments has been key to guiding our expansion into new markets .  

— A leading network operator, and client

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