Turn-key analytics to optimize your wireless infrastructure investments


Ideal Solution for:

  • Tower and Infrastructure Industry
  • Network Operators
  • Telecom Analysts

Unlock meaningful analytics to inform your investment decisions and streamline growth

Comprised of the seven most important metrics for growth in the wireless industry, Towerlogix provides a turn-key analysis of any metro area in the U.S., revealing where to invest in new assets for maximum returns. Going beyond raw data, Aurora Insight’s team of data scientists and analysts have analyzed and interpreted the metrics for you, unlocking unprecedented answers that your team can quickly apply to a number of business decisions. TowerLogix metrics are derived from machine learning algorithms, then field-tested and authenticated to ensure that your team is equipped with the most accurate, actionable data for smart investment decisions. 

TowerLogix Metrics

TowerLogix metrics are powered by machine learning algorithms

TowerLogix Key Benefits


We’ve identified exactly where to build new towers, or deploy new cell sites. 


As a turn-key solution, we analyze and interpret the data to provide actionable answers.  

easy to InTERPRET Solutions

Our data analysis is easily understood by all levels of your organization. 

Applications of TowerLogix metrics

The applications below highlight just a sample of the targeted answers that you can derive from TowerLogix. The metrics can be customized and combined  to answer a number of questions directly related to your organization’s business goals and needs. 

Form a multi-tenant tower, fast.

Tower Lease-Up Report

Find out which MNOs you should most urgently target to lease additional space on your current towers. By understanding  nearby operators’ performance, you can form a multi-tenant tower faster and more efficiently.

Identify the top locations to build or buy new towers.

High-Priority Tower Build Zones

Learn exactly where to build your next tower for maximum returns — we’ve identified the top locations for new tower builds in major metro areas across the U.S. 
**Included with TowerLogix

Learn the ROI potential for a new tower investment.

Tower ROI Scores

Before you build your next tower, assess the quality of the new investment by learning its estimated ROI score.

Locate the best areas to deploy fixed wireless access.

Fixed Wireless Access Scores

FWA scores reveal how suitable a location is for FWA deployments, enabling wireless service providers to target their investments in FWA for maximum returns.

“Telcos and towercos looking for a build site in the U.S. now have a new tool at their fingertips.” 
Capacity Media 


High-Priority Tower Build Zones

The most advanced tool available for selecting a new tower or cell site. 

  • Easy to interpret — no need to be a data analyst to understand these insights and make informed decisions. 
  • Powered by TowerLogix — the most accurate, advanced metrics available for growth.
  • Gain a competitive edge — invest in highly valuable zones to stay ahead of your competitors. 
Custom Reporting on Radio Frequency Spectrum

Applying new thinking to decade-old problems

By applying a new approach to decade-old infrastructure problems, Aurora Insight is enabling organizations to apply data quickly.  TowerLogix is designed for organizations of all sizes to leverage data quickly and make informed decisions for long-term growth strategies. You don’t need a team of data analysts or radio network engineers to understand and act on this data.