Spectrum Occupancy

A new way to analyze and invest in spectrum licenses

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Spectrum Occupancy

Ideal Solution for:

  • Network Operators
  • Wireless Investors
  • Analysts
  • Regulators 

Get unprecedented data on spectrum licenses for any PEA in the United States

Spectrum Occupancy data reveals who is utilizing wireless spectrum licenses and how they are being used. This valuable information equips spectrum investors, regulators, and network operators with unique data about new technology rollouts (5G), the value of spectrum bands and accurate spectrum demand based on measured utilization. 

Spectrum Occupancy data sets provide the following information for any PEA* in the United States: 

  • Operator identification
  • Downlink frequencies with signal traffic
  • Bandwidth licensed vs. bandwidth in use
  • Technologies deployed for every cellular band across PEAs in the continental U.S.

Spectrum Occupancy Key Benefits


With a clear understanding of spectrum utilization, your team will be prepared to make long-term decisions for spectrum auction strategy and network rollouts.

Quick, easy and accessible data

With quick and easy access to spectrum licensing data,  your team can make fully informed decisions about your networks or your auction strategy.


Spectrum Occupancy data  can inform a number of different decisions — from evaluating existing networks, to planning for new spectrum licenses. 

Invest smarter with Spectrum Occupancy

Inform your investment strategy and operational decisions with unprecedented data that reveals which bands in a particular area are completely occupied, unoccupied or encumbered with non-cellular signals such as DTV. 

Prepare for spectrum auctions

Invest with confidence at the next spectrum auction by equipping your team with accurate data on network deployments across the U.S. 

Evaluate 5G rollouts

Benchmark the competition and see where new networks are being deployed.

Assess customer needs

Understand the market and determine whether additional spectrum could be needed in certain areas to meet the demand.


Explore Spectrum Occupancy Data

See first-hand how your team can benefit from our detailed data on spectrum utilization. Visualize how spectrum licenses are being used with our interactive map that sorts by individual band or by network operator. 

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