GNSS Interference Monitoring Service

Space-based radio frequency interference (RFI) monitoring service for all GNSS users

Modernize your approach to GNSS interference management

GNSS Interference Monitoring Service is a global interference warning system that alerts Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) users of locations that are vulnerable to signal disruption.  Powered by Aurora Insight’s satellite-based RF sensors, this map-based tool provides a near-persistent picture of the global RF environment and enables GNSS users to understand interference so it can mitigated in a timely manner for better outcomes.

Detect/localize interference disruptions for any location in the world
Stay informed on interference issues that could lead to service disruptions
Understand the global state of interference and anticipate issues sooner

Ideal solution for:

  • Global GPS/GNSS users
  • Satellite operators 
  • Aviation industry 
  • Maritime industry
  • Telecommunications 


no location is off limits

Our satellites enable passive global sensing of RF emissions around the world, providing our customers with a global view of the RF environment.

save time and resources

No need for ground equipment, vehicles, airplanes or third-party contracting. Our space-based detection greatly reduces the amount of work and resources required to identify interference.

PLAN proactively

Actively anticipate interference threats sooner within the evolving RF environment and course-correct faster. 


Report: Identifying Interference at the Finland Border

Our latest report reveals the presence of GNSS interference in Finland and nearby countries using Aurora Insight’s new GNSS Interference Monitoring Service. Download the report to understand the global impact of GNSS interference and learn more about the implications across different industries.

GNSS report cover page_small-01

Why use GNSS Interference Monitoring Service?


Anticipate interference sooner

Advanced knowledge of where interference is likely to occur based on current and historical measurements helps you address issues sooner. 


Mitigate interference faster 

Our data empowers a proactive approach to mitigating interference and helps organizations understand and mitigate issues faster. 


Continuous refresh of data

By monitoring interference from space, we provide continuous updates on the ever-changing RF environment. 


The growing threat of RF interference

GNSS has become vital to nearly every sector of the economy and underpins most of the world’s digital systems for determining location, time, and communication. However, GNSS architecture is highly vulnerable to attack, with both intentional and unintentional GNSS disruptions on the rise. This poses a direct threat to nearly every organization that relies on GNSS.  

As the RF spectrum becomes increasingly congested, identifying and mitigating RF interference has become even more complicated and time consuming.  Without access to interference monitoring tools, organizations across the globe are left vulnerable to costly, and potentially dangerous disruptions in services. We developed our GNSS Interference Monitoring Service to give GNSS users a head-start against interference. With access to this data,  our customers can make faster, smarter, and more proactive decisions about how to approach signal disruptions. 


The number of GNSS outages reported by pilots to EUROCONTROL between 2018 and 2020


Complex problems require innovative solutions

Our satellite-based RF sensors provide a global lens of RF emissions that has never before been commercially available. At Aurora Insight, we are committed to providing accurate, actionable and impartial data analysis to inform and empower organizations across the wireless industry. We are constantly innovating and advancing our technology to ensure we are providing our customers with the most comprehensive information available on the RF environment.


Satellite Charlie was launched on January 24, 2021

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