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 By taking ubiquitous measurements of the RF environment and applying machine learning algorithms, our solutions are answering questions that have stumped the wireless industry for decades. Say goodbye to skewed data and guesswork — our data-driven insights will empower your organization to analyze, predict, invest and grow with confidence like never before.

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High-Priority Tower Build Zones

The most advanced tool available for new tower or cell site selection.

  • No need to be a data analyst to understand these insights.
  • Powered by TowerLogix,  the most accurate, advanced data available on transmitters and mobile networks.
  • Grow with confidence when you make investments backed by accurate data 

Solutions for a variety of use cases

Monitor terrestrial network deployment

Global Wireless Spectrum Mapping

Understand how networks are being deployed around the globe.
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Determine the best locations to build new towers

High-Priority Tower Build Zones

Find out the top locations for new tower investments.
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See where 5G networks have been deployed


Identify transmitter deployment locations of 4G or 5G technology.
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