Improve your satellite operation

Proactively identify satellite interference, monitor terrestrial network deployments and improve your satellite operation for long-term growth.

Our RF spectrum heat maps display mid-band 5G deployments on a large scale, over extended periods of time, enabling you to plan strategically and invest with confidence.

Get critical data to support your satellite operation. 

Our satellite-based RF sensors provide an unprecedented, commercially-available, exacting depiction of radio frequency energy. By measuring and visualizing RF spectrum from space, we provide a new GEOINT layer of data to help you plan, invest and strategize with confidence. 

Our Capabilities

We provide cutting-edge information on the global radio frequency spectrum environment to help inform and improve your satellite operation.  


On-Orbit RF Visualizations

A continually updating GEOINT layer of the world’s RF emissions to understand the actual RF environment in space.


Monitor Network Deployments 

Understand how terrestrial mobile networks are being deployed over time (i.e. 3.5 GHz)


Interference Detection

Identify sources of harmful interference to improve network performance.

Explore our Data  

Our Global Wireless Spectrum Mapping service provides a one-of-a-kind visualization of radio frequency power for any location in the world. 

The interactive map featured here displays a network operator’s growth from Q3 2020 to Q1 2021, for a small portion of their network in the 3.5 GHz range. The growing footprint and increasing power tells us that more antennas have been deployed transmitting at this frequency.  (Click the top right button to change the map view)

About Our Satellite-Based RF Sensors

Aurora Insight currently has two satellite-based RF sensors measuring the radio frequency spectrum from space, with an additional satellite scheduled to launch in 2021. These sensors continuously collect data on the global radio frequency spectrum, enabling us to form the most advanced understanding of radio frequency spectrum available.