SpectrumSight Weekly Report

SpectrumSight shows utilization of wireless spectrum from fixed sensors across multiple U.S. markets.
Communications service provider infographic

SpectrumSight: Track changes in spectrum usage over time

Our stationary sensors capture measurements hourly, which are averaged to present a daily power measurement. Be sure to check back for the latest data, which is updated weekly.

To use, select the Band Name and License Owner you want to view, then use the Date and Location toggle to see the average power changes over time between markets. For example: choose Falls Church for the location and select 2000-3000 in the Frequency Range dropdown. Then select AWS-4 from the Band Name dropdown to see AT&T’s use of DISH spectrum, signaling a change in spectrum utilization as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Power Graph: this graph shows the average signal power levels for each day from 470MHz to 6GHz.

Occupancy Viewer: this chart visualizes which frequencies are being utilized by operators and other users of wireless spectrum.