Aurora Insight Announces Space-Based GNSS Interference Monitoring Service


New service measures spectrum from space to alert GPS/GNSS users of locations that are vulnerable to interference

Aurora Insight, a provider of data analytics on spectrum and wireless networks, today announced the launch of a space-based radio frequency interference (RFI) monitoring service, which alerts users of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) of locations that are vulnerable to interference around the world. With instances of GNSS interference on the rise across the world, Aurora Insight’s GNSS Interference Monitoring Service provides a rapidly updating view of the global GNSS environment and reveals where signal disruptions are likely to occur based on current and historical measurements.

The monitoring service is powered by Aurora Insight’s network of satellite-based sensors, which provide independent and unbiased data on global wireless activity, including data from global geographies that are otherwise difficult to reach or difficult to collect data from. 

To demonstrate the utility of its GNSS Interference Monitoring Service, Aurora Insight released a report highlighting the presence of interference detected in Finland and nearby states from November 2021 through May 2022. The report explores the dynamic nature of GNSS interference and can be downloaded for free at

GNSS Interference Report 3D cover_-01

“As spectrum becomes increasingly congested, understanding interference is more important than ever for GNSS users worldwide,” said Jennifer Alvarez, Aurora Insight CEO. “The power behind our ability to monitor interference is that no location is off-limits. Our satellites enable passive global sensing, giving organizations a new layer of data on the GNSS environment so they can stay informed about the threat of signal disruptions.” 

For more information on Aurora Insight’s interference monitoring capabilities, visit

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