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Aurora Insight Launches Third Satellite “BRAVO” to Measure 5G

April 29, 2021

Image courtesy of ARIANESPACE


Successfully Launched BRAVO Satellite Enters Low Earth Orbit with ArianeSpace’s VV18 Flight

Denver, C.O., April 29th, 2021 Aurora Insight, a business analytics company for the wireless industry, announced the successful launch of “BRAVO,” its third satellite-based RF sensor. The satellite will join Aurora Insight’s other two spectrum measuring spacecraft in low Earth orbit (LEO), as they map the global radio frequency (RF) environment and measure network deployments, including 5G.  

BRAVO was launched with ArianeSpace’s Vega Flight VV18 on April 28th at 9:50pm ET from French Guiana. After the launch, Aurora Insight confirmed that they have already made contact with the satellite and all systems are working properly. The satellite carries Aurora Insight’s patented RF sensor technology, which detects and measures a range of radio signals including 5G mmWave, 4G, LTE, 3G, IoT, CBRS, WiFi, and more. Aurora’s first RF satellite, ALPHA, was launched in 2018 and the second, CHARLIE, was launched this past January on a SpaceX rideshare. Watch the launch here.

“Aurora Insight’s satellite-based RF sensors provide a comprehensive view of wireless network activity around the world, and the launch of our third satellite tremendously expands our capabilities to produce valuable information on spectrum and the networks that rely on it. As we move toward an increasingly connected society, connectivity is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.” said Jennifer Alvarez, CEO, Aurora Insight.

The launch of Aurora Insight’s newest satellites have increased the company’s data collection capabilities from space by thirtyfold — three satellites orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes will capture unprecedented information on wireless networks and spectrum. For the manufacturing and integration of its last two satellites, Aurora Insight contracted with NanoAvionics, a leading smallsat bus manufacturer and mission integrator. 

Pictured below is a sample of Aurora Insight’s global RF mapping capabilities. This map shows network deployment in the 2620-2690 MHz band in Africa during Q1 2021:

Q1 2021 Network Deployment

Aurora Insight is a business analytics company that provides the wireless industry with most accurate and actionable information available on spectrum and wireless networks. Harnessing the power of technical expertise and innovation, Aurora Insight’s AI-driven solutions enable organizations to meet the current and future challenges of global connectivity.  Headquartered in Denver, CO and funded by the country’s top innovation investors, Aurora Insight is pushing boundaries to help advance the next frontier of global connectivity. The team is composed of data scientists, engineers, and industry veterans, who leverage a deep expertise and understanding of the challenges that face the communications industry.

Learn more about the launch of satellite BRAVO on our website here

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