Network Operators

Accurate radio frequency spectrum data at your fingertips

Understanding how best to invest in your network, while keeping track of what competitors are up to is an ongoing challenge. We’ll give you a clear picture of performance at a local level, helping you to deliver an optimum service to customers.

Make the most of your network

Give your planning and optimization teams access to highly accurate spectrum data. We’ll help you better understand how your licensed radio frequency spectrum is being used, so you can get more out of your network.

Identify service gaps

From coverage white space to satellite interference, we’ll help you identify and anticipate issues before they become problems, so you can plan for the future and invest where it matters most.

The scoop on competitors

By measuring how your competitors are using the radio frequency spectrum, we can offer insights into their coverage, performance, investment and planned rollouts, helping you spot opportunities and threats much sooner.

This is the comprehensive mobile intelligence we’ve wanted for years.

A leading MSO executive, and client

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