Infrastructure Owners

Get a clearer picture on the use of your assets

From towers to satellites, we'll help you better understand your infrastructure, who's using it, and how it's being used. We'll also share insights on how your competitors are using theirs. As a result, you'll be better placed to support industry growth.

Analyze mobile network operator usage

Understand who is using your assets and how. Explore opportunities to improve your service.


Reduce wireless interference

Identify interference issues affecting your assets and identify their source.


Discover new investment opportunities

Use our coverage maps and spectrum profiles to identify potential sites for upgrades or investment.


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Learn about the limitations of traditional drive testing and why new methods offer better and more cost effective measurement.

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Reports & Guides

5G Report: Deployments today for technologies of tomorrow

Compare different operator 5G deployment strategies and understand how this new technology will benefit consumers and enterprises.



Small cell vs. macro cell

What is the difference?

Make the most of your infrastructure assets