High-Priority Tower Build Zones

We’ve identified and ranked the top locations for new tower builds across the United States.

Discover the Top Tower Build Zones in the U.S.

If you aren’t investing in a High-Priority Tower Build Zone, your organization could miss significant growth opportunities.  Aurora Insight has determined the top locations across the United States for new tower builds to help you grow with confidence. These locations, known as High-Priority Tower Build Zones, meet all of our standards for a maximum tower investment. As a part of our TowerLogix solution, we will regularly feature a select zone on this page, so remember to check back frequently. Please scroll down to learn which prime locations we’ve chosen to share. To learn about other High-Priority Tower Build Zones across the country, click here.

As a part of Aurora Insight’s TowerLogix solution, we identify and rank the top locations for new tower builds across the United States. As prime real estate disappears across the country and the demand for wireless spectrum grows,  organizations must move quickly to secure High-Priority Tower Build Zones. By identifying these zones with TowerLogix, Aurora Insight helps organizations gain a competitive edge and grow with confidence.

Our High-Priority Tower Build Zone rankings are a combination of metrics made up of multiple parameters and algorithms through TowerLogix. Our comprehensive approach has been tested to ensure that we provide the most accurate data on the market. Our primary TowerLogix metrics include: Coverage, Quality, Interference, User Experience, Traffic,  Real Estate and Fiber.

Our team has identified thousands of locations across the country that meet or surpass the standard to qualify as a High-Priority Tower Build Zone.

Yes! Our autonomous sensors are continuously collecting data around the country, giving us access to valuable insights on a number of different markets. To learn more, contact a solutions specialist here.

Featured High-Priority Tower Build Zones

Remember to check back on this page frequently to see new featured locations. 

Featured ZONE: Dallas, TX

A 15-minute drive southwest of Dallas’ city center, TowerLogix machine-learning identified this High-Priority Tower Build Zone on the northeast corner of Kiest Park in Wynnewood, one of the main neighborhoods of Oak Cliff.

previously featured high-priority tower build zones

Baltimore, MD
Published 2/24/2021

A 13-minute drive north on I-83 from Baltimore’s city center, this High-Priority Tower Build Zone is bordered by Johns Hopkins at Mt. Washington to the northwest, Greenspring Avenue to the southeast, and covers Kelly Avenue across its center.

Philadelphia, PA 
Published 2/5/2021

Ten miles north of Philadelphia’s City Center, near to Foxcroft Square, this High-Priority Tower Build Zone is bordered by Alverthorpe Park, Meetinghouse Road, Manor Junior College, and Delene Road.