5G & Edge Computing in Big Tech and the White Space


Plum Alley is hosting a special virtual session on 5G & Edge Computing on April 14th at 5pm EST. The session will feature commentary from CB Insights, a leading market intelligence and tech trends research firm, and three pioneering founders in the field.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 14th at 5pm EST
WHERE: Virtual event — RSVP below 


As we enter the next generation of rapid innovation for connectivity and telecommunication, 5G and Edge Computing are at the forefront of how we communicate, process and store data. For the first 30 minutes we will hear from CB Insights analyst Matt Hopkins who will explain the evolution of 5G and edge computing alongside learnings from CB Insights’ reports on 5G & the Future of Connectivity and Big Tech in Edge Computing. Following this opening presentation, Plum Alley will moderate a discussion with three pioneering founders in the field. Each of these founders are true visionaries building disruptive solutions that will influence how we communicate and process data in the future. More details on the founders and their impressive companies below.


Fay Arkomamdi – Founder and CEO of mimik
Fay is an electrical engineer by training with 20+ years of experience in telecommunications and edge computing industries.Fay has served as an executive and board member for numerous telecom and semiconductor companies, including Vodafone, NantMobile, Wibbitz, L3 Technology Inc., among others. After many years in stealth mode, Fay launched mimik, a platform which allows developers to move workloads to edge devices, creating a decentralized cloud where each device can act as its own server. Fay was named the Edge Woman of the Year by State of the Edge in 2020. 

Maha Achouri – Founder, CEO and CTO of Metawave
Maha is a career expert in the wireless space with 25+ years of experience including a PhD in Physics. As a serial entrepreneur, Maha’s current company Metawave designs 5G and edge computing technology. Metawave’s KLONE product is a one-of-a-kind “5G mirror” that can extend access to 5G coverage without the power and upkeep requirements of traditional radio technology. Metawave also has patented enhanced radar technology applicable for autonomous mobility. Maha previously founded Rayspan, a startup which developed metamaterial-based hardware for the telecom industry, and she also pioneered the first HDTV over satellite system and led various DARPA projects in wireless devices

Jennifer Alvarez – Founder & CEO of Aurora Insight
Jennifer is a lifelong researcher in the signal tracking space, having worked at the Southwest Research Institute for 25 years coupled with a degree in electrical and computer engineering. Aurora Insight’s technology collects data on deployment and usage of spectrum and wireless networks. The company measures the radio frequency environment and uses machine learning algorithms to turn trillions of data points into valuable insights on spectrum and wireless networks to empower wireless-centric organizations to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions.


5G is opening up new possibilities for the data economy. Whether for entertainment, education, manufacturing or healthcare, 5G offers the ability for near instantaneous transfer of data. Think of an ambulance being able to stream a patient’s biomedical information to the hospital, or an autonomous vehicle communicating with a stoplight or other cars at an intersection. 

Enabled by the evolution of 5G, cloud computing and IoT devices continue to see increased adoption. However, limitations in connectivity have prevented the data revolution from reaching certain sectors and industries. Edge computing enables new businesses and industries to facilitate local data processing that is faster than cloudbased systems and allows for real-time decision making. From autonomous vehicles to the oil and gas industry, smart farms to retail, edge computing provides new possibilities across industries to generate faster insights and decision making. 


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