Spectrum Occupancy™

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From Las Vegas to Miami, spectrum is licensed but not built out by the operators. Fill out the form below to see first-hand what kind of spectrum intel you can acquire for any PEA in the continental U.S.

Spectrum Occupancy™ data is available per PEA and reveals:
Spectrum Data for Auction 110- What information you should know before bidding
Spectrum Occupancy provides real measurements of bandwidth licensed vs. bandwidth in use to show you who is underutilizing their spectrum licenses.

Leading spectrum investors use Spectrum Occupancy™ data to guide major decisions


Predict auctions accurately

Predict how other players will bid in auctions based on the current use of their licensed bands.

Map layers

Analyze competitors

Understand how spectrum bands are currently being utilized or underutilized across the U.S.


Research the market

Identify where 5G and LTE networks are currently deployed and analyze the market with clarity

Spectrum Occupancy™ includes the following data for any PEA:

Spectrum Occupancy measures actual bandwidth in use, revealing exactly who is utilizing their current licenses and how they are being used for any PEA in the continental U.S. With a clear understanding of how spectrum licenses are being utilized, your team will be prepared to make long-term decisions on your spectrum strategy and wireless networks.

This is the comprehensive mobile intelligence we’ve wanted for years.

– A leading MSO executive, and client