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Data Definitions

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Common frequency band name (i.e. PCS, AWS-3)

Licensed channel block letter

License owner sourced from the FCC database. Note: License owner does not always correspond to network operator. In some cases, network operators have spectrum sharing agreements with spectrum licensees, enabling them to bolster their networks and reach more users. If a License Owner is not a network operator, then presence of a signal indicates the existence of a spectrum sharing agreement

Amount of licensed bandwidth in a channel block (in units of MHz)

If Signal = Yes, the measured amount of bandwidth in use (in units of MHz)

Partial Economic Area (license boundary defined by the Federal Communications Commission)

Yes/No if a signal was detected (frequency band is being used)

If Signal=Yes, identification of the technology in use

Common frequency band name (i.e. PCS, AWS-3)

Measured amount of bandwidth in use (in units of MHz)

Mobile carrier (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.)

Identification of the technology in use


Frequently asked questions

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 Spectrum Occupancy is a dataset that identifies how wireless spectrum is being used by the cellular industry. Our data reveals the license owner, licensed bandwidth, downlink bandwidth in use, and the signal type (technology standard) in use for every licensed cellular band in any given area of interest within the continental U.S.

Using advanced RF sensors, we collect measurements aerially or by drive testing in the population center of the PEA (e.g. for PEA001, New York City). Currently, spectrum occupancy is collected in all downlink cellular bands from 500MHz to 6GHz. 

TowerEssentials identifies the location of wireless transmitters and the type of technology being deployed. This information gives businesses competitive insights on precise locations. 

Spectrum Occupancy data answers a variety of questions about connectivity including:

  • Where are network operators most likely to need additional spectrum?
  • How much of each license owners’ spectrum is being used for 5G vs. LTE, or legacy standards?
  • Which operator has the most licensed spectrum available to expand their network in a given market?
  • Where are our competitor’s targeting their 5G rollouts?

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