Aurora Insight expands global RF mapping capabilities
Aurora's newest satellites will each collect 15 times more data, and unlock new, critical information on the radio frequency environment.
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Introducing TowerLogix — a new solution for growth.
Take control of your growth strategy with unprecedented information on mobile networks, the transmitters on your towers and at surrounding sites.
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Watch the launch of satellite Bravo
Our third satellite-based RF sensor was launched on Wednesday, April 28th, with Arianespace's Vega Flight VV18.
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We provide the most accurate and actionable information available on spectrum and wireless networks.

The current reality is that the wireless communications industry lacks access to accurate and actionable information on its most critical resource — the radio frequency spectrum. 

We measure the radio frequency environment and use machine learning algorithms to turn trillions of data points into valuable insights on spectrum and wireless networks. With the most advanced information and insights available, we empower wireless-centric organizations to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions. 


Our insights reveal the strength, reliability, and coverage of wireless communications, enabling our customers to expand networks with confidence and address interference issues proactively.


With an accurate understanding of how mobile networks are utilizing wireless spectrum, our customers can make informed operational decisions and investments that lead directly to long-term cost savings. 


We take the guesswork out of the radio frequency environment by unlocking actionable information used to analyze competitors, identify business growth opportunities and drive profitability. 


Our Process

3 steps to data-driven solutions

measure and collect data

Combining patented air, land and space based mobile sensors, we accurately measure the radio frequency environment and wireless networks across the world. Our distributed wide-band radio sensors are easily deployed on a global level, enabling us to collect to the most accurate, comprehensive data available.

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analyze and report

Our measurements help unlock insights on spectrum utilization and wireless networks. Using advanced data processing and machine learning algorithms, we analyze data on infrastructure deployment, network operators, their coverage, efficiency and bandwidth usage. This is an ongoing process, so you can be sure you’re getting a clear picture of the wireless ecosystem. 

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provide actionable answers

The radio frequency spectrum landscape is ever-changing and we reflect that with up-to-date reports. Our accurate spectrum and network topology maps are tailored to meet specific business needs, helping clients assess their capabilities, benchmark competitor activity and identify opportunities. 

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Industry Applications

We empower clients with data-driven insights

We offer a clear overview of coverage, performance and ownership, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, faster. 

Network Operators

Network Operators

Understand how to invest smarter in your network, analyze your competition with accuracy and grow your operation effectively.
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IoT & Wireless Users

IoT & Wireless Users

We give innovators the radio frequency spectrum information they need to develop robust, high-performing wireless applications, products and services.
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Infrastructure Owners

Infrastructure Owners

Get critical information on the mobile networks and transmitters that lease your towers so you can invest with confidence.
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Regulators & Advisors

Regulators & Advisors

Our data supports research, compliance, and advisory, helping you make better informed decisions and set standards for the industry.
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With a global perspective of spectrum utilization, satellite operators can quickly detect areas of interference.
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Our insights and information enable government organizations to make data-driven decisions on wireless spectrum.
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Company News and Resources

Mobile service providers have a new tool for deploying FWA — introducing Fixed Wireless Access Scores from Aurora Insight. Our newest metric tells you exactly how suitable an area is for an investment in FWA technology, so you can deploy for high returns.
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